Thursday, October 25, 2012

Voynich Manuscript: the Golden Horde

The official White House photo showing Vice President Biden being entertained in Mongolia is another nice illustration for my geopolitical theory about the 'zodiac' section of the Voynich Manuscript (see here). The archer seem to carry a bow typical for the time of the Golden Horde. The note underneath appear to be in some kind of Oriental script that is otherwise absent from the rest of the Voynich Manuscript.

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Voynich Manuscript: the Lemon Juice Arsonist

The remarks written on the last page of the Voynich manuscript (fol 116v) puzzle the researchers for a century now.

 Part of the mystery is about to be lifted today. The second word appear to spell "limon (the first letter is the Greek Lambda -uppercase Λ, lowercase λ  ). It looks like the author of the remark is listing the positions (the third word spells something like pociicii) of the lemon juice written text in the manuscript. That explains why there are so many burn marks in the book that is otherwise so well preserved. 

The arsonist burning the pages to the point of unrepairable damage probably didn't have much success in discovering invisible ink, but did not give up easily, causing holes mostly over the plant illustrations.

In case you wonder, the lemon juice invisible ink trick does work on parchment even better than on paper, because the animal skin is not wrinkled as easily by the liquid "ink".

I personally belive there is no lemon ink in the Voynich manuscript, however, somebody had the opportunity to search for it and unfortunately destroyed parts of the manuscript.