Thursday, October 25, 2012

Voynich Manuscript: the Golden Horde

The official White House photo showing Vice President Biden being entertained in Mongolia is another nice illustration for my geopolitical theory about the 'zodiac' section of the Voynich Manuscript (see here). The archer seem to carry a bow typical for the time of the Golden Horde. The note underneath appear to be in some kind of Oriental script that is otherwise absent from the rest of the Voynich Manuscript.


  1. The problem here, Ellie is that the archer is generally agreed to be holding a crossbow. The history of crossbow use is, first, marines and city defenders during the Hellenistic period; secondly an emergence or re-emergence during the time of the western Han (1st-3rdC AD). Possible maintenance of the type as a hunting bow in Scythian regions and Russia. Re-adoption by the Genoese from the time of the Crusades. So any of those would do - but the type of bow which the Mongols normally used was not a crossbow. The Chinese were using them for a while, having adopted them from the certain tribesmen of inner Asia. But not so much the Mongols.

  2. You are probably right. I agree it looks very much like crossbow, but like everything in the VMS it is a sketch, so it can be anything. Did experts on oriental writing (old Turkic maybe) looked at the note written over the legs of the arch man?

  3. There is another possibility besides a crossbow: it could be that the artist was attempting to show the archer holding the horse ribbons and using the bow at the same time – the Horde archers were very skilled in riding and shooting arrows at the same time. There is no horse of course, but that wouldn’t be the most bizarre thing in the VMS...