Saturday, January 26, 2013

The Voynich Manuscript: Alchemy Symbols

VMS researcher Klaus Schröer from Germany came up with possible new idea on the two big letters on the first page of the Voynich manuscript. (Take a look at his document about this here)

Based on the dictionary he used in the research I came up with more alchemy symbols in the illustrations of the VMS.

Among the most famous alchemists of the time the VMS vellum was carbon dated was Barbara 
of Cilli (Barbora Celská) - the wife of Sigismund, Holy Roman Emperor. After the death of Sigismund
she was exiled to Poland and in 1441, she moved to Melnik in Bohemia. Barbora spent her last years
pursuing her interests in alchemy and the occult. 
She was very politically and socially active (she even participated in plots against her own husband).
The queen also meddled in the creation of the Order of the Dragon. 

Barbara (or Barbora) is riding a horse and waving starry banner in Konrad Kyeser’s Bellifortis manuscript. 

The reason I am bringing up Barbora of Celje is because the author of the Voynich Manuscript seems to be well connected inside the Hungarian and the Austrian courts according to my 'geopolitical' theory of the VMS's 'astronomical' pages (here).


  1. So Barbara of Celje spent her last days in doing alchemy in Mělník - town - where century and a half later Jakub Hořčický of Tepenec (whose signature is supposedly discovered on the Voynich manuscript)used to live and rule...

    1. Just a "heads up" Ellie:

      Nick has been hacked again. I'm typing with a lame wrist, so I'll catch up with you in a day or so. So far, I've found no signs of alchemy (attempt to change base metals etc. into precious metals) in the Vms. I'm translating six of the folios which each describe the individual plant, its specie, its uses, and its historical/mythical origins.

      Happy Valentine's Day!


  2. Hope Nick will recover soon... and your wrist too. Alchemy is a possibility - plants however are sure thing. All the best! Ellie

  3. Very interesting, it gives ideas. I hope the text, once deciphered, confirm this.

  4. Could you try, please, Ellie to lighten your images? My connection is slow and I have great difficulty in viewing.

  5. Thanks for the advise. I'll keep in mind the image size. Your site is very interesting. Thank for linking!

  6. It is obvious that there are Alchemical references in the Voynich Manuscript. There is one drawing that caught my attention just today.

  7. When it comes to understanding Alchemical Recipes that our Ancient Brothers and Siters in Art left us we need to look at all of this with a different set of eyes. Gematria is very useful. I believe that we are stuck on the cryptic writings and not spending enough time on what is hidden in plain sight!

    Having a look at the Drawing with the 15 Nude Women, each holding a Star, each start either with 6 or 7 points, the Women standing in Vessels ( Vessel is Key ) The Goat- Aries facing West ( this denotes moving from light into Darkness, Putrefaction )and we have the Month of April for collecting something. The Women obviously represent " The Vase of Nature " or " The Womb that carries the Life " and this is very important in Alchemy. In Alchemy we have two Vases that we immediately get to know and those are the Vases of Art and of Nature. In this Drawing we see a demonstraion of the Vase of Art, the Womb that carries " Our Fire " that is to be collected under the Rule of Aries for 15 days. The rest of the Month of April is reserved for the Putrefaction of the Dew that has been collected each day. The Stars have many different meanings. One meaning is that as the Dew ferments it gains weight, falling to the bottom of the vessel as a white precipitate, which is our Universal Gur. The Stars also represent fractions the Distilled Dew has to be separated into, many times.

    This single Drawing can be proven in the Laboratory :) CAD

  8. One more thing...

    There is another Drawing that is similar with a Lion in the middle... the Lion here has one tooth. The Lion is a symbol for both the Sun and for Gold... and this Gold is important.

    We could go on and on with this one... :)CAD

  9. Gold is important :) No doubt about it. Hopefully one day all will fall in its place in the Voynich manuscript.