Sunday, February 17, 2013

The Voynich Manuscript: Buch der heiligen Dreifaltigkeit

While researching the historical context of the early15th century when the (Voynich Manuscript parchment was produced) one cannot ignore some similarities with the German  Buch der heiligen Dreifaltigket. The alchemical treatise earliest version is dated between 1410-1419. It is a successful attempt to mainstream  the alchemy by connecting it to Christian story-telling.   To illustrate the similarities with the Voynich manuscript I used the Rylands University Library copy where we find bathing ladies involved in silver and gold production here and the Bayerische Staatsbiliothek copy where we find a very Voynichese beast here.

The symbolism in the pictures and the silly rhymes of the text hardly make sense today, but the VMS author lived in environment where treatises like Buch der Something were made by top-edge "scientists" with knowledge of chemistry and astronomy and taste for mysticism.  Science had changed since then. One thing, though, is timeless - the realization that to advance an idea the author should pay tribute to the ruling dogma - whether it is the Holy Trinity or global warming - the bow to the mainstream always pays off.


  1. HelloElloEllie!

    By now, I'm pretty sure you know who is now saluting you.....

    Ennyway, I've been slogging along with eight of the "Vms" folios: Earlier today, I contacted Bill Thayer at Univ. of Chicago to see if he was still interested (or still teaching/researching) the Classic "history/myths" of Greece and Italy/Rome/Alban Lakes.

    Lake Nemi, in particular, is disclosing a lot of its mythological origins/god and goddess worship: Diana's Mirror, Sacred Grove, and underwater shrine. Diana/Artemis are the key figures appearing in folios 78 through 83.

    Right now, I'm focusing on f83v, which I'm pretty sure is going to explain the uses for the fruit and juice of the mandrake plant. The mandrake fruit, especially, was a powerful narcotic used by
    battleground surgeons when performing amputations. It is beginning to appear to me, anyway, as Artemis/Diana's anesthetic choice for when they had to practice midwifery.

    You might like to read an article by Ludovico Pisani - Lake Nemi:
    Diana's Sacred Grove. Another fascinating article is "Diana Nemorensis - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

    Believe it or not, I am beginning to find references to various gods and goddesses which end up in various astrological/astronomical reference works. "What goes around, comes around". No?

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