Saturday, March 9, 2013

The Voyncih Manuscript: the Medieval Tents

The Voynich manuscript 9-rossettes is probably the most fascinating and the most studied. Two castles, houses, tower-in-the-hall and Gibelin walls are only few examples of architecture scattered on the 6-fold page.
I've been fascinated personally with the elements of tent design that can be found in the 9-rossets. The top left structure reminds of the famous King Rene tent. At least two rosettes show string and knots structures similar of the way the tension ropes on the medieval tents were drawn in 14th and 15th century. If you look closer you can even find medieval version of a zipper...

The bottom-right rosette shows structure close to 14th-16th century Islamic tents.

There is also hidden colonnade in the bottom-left corner of the 9-rossette drawing (tip: focus on the white figures).

What is the symbolism of all this structures nobody knows, but it sure is fun to explore them.

At the end, just for fun, I give you what is coincidentally a 9-tent circle - The Field of the Cloth of Gold.

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