Friday, March 29, 2013

The Voynich Manuscript: Chenopodium Bonus Henricus

Based on similarities of the plant on f96v of the Voynich Manuscript (Beinecke 408) and the drawing on f18v of the Manfredus de Monte Imperiali (BnF Latin 6823 here ) I will place the Good King Henry's Chenopodium (name in the old herbal is Atriplex) as likely ID for the VMs plant.

UPDATE: Dana Scott suggested this ID in 2001 on the VMS mail list with great argument:
"This plant has leaves that look like arrow heads. It is called Chenpodium bonus-henricus (Good King
Henry). Chenopodium comes from the term for goose foot in Greece (the leaves sort of look like geese feet)."
Diane O'Donovan also researched the possibility in her post here and found a lot of arguments in favor of Chenopodiom, although she like the Strawberry Blite version of the plant.

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