Wednesday, April 24, 2013

The Voynich Manuscript: Red campion

Theodore Petersen worked with Ethel Voynich in 1930s on the VMs flower Ids and I find many of his proposals valid. Example of such Petersen ID with which I agree is the Red Campion (Silene dioica) on fol. 8v of the Voynich Manuscript (Beinecke 408).


  1. Folio 8v:

    I may not ALWAYS be right! B-u-u-ut...back in January of this year, I posted to Nick and Salva what I thought "might be" Salvia Sclerae". Nick was using this folio to address the "puzzlement" of the split "gallows". That discussion appears in Nick's page: "Irony,Question marks, brackets, and the Voynich Manuscript".

    Later, in that same discussion page, I explained how that "double-l" phoneme could be stretched across two or more words and inserted where an "el" was necessary.

    Most of my posts end up in obscurity, with no feedback. So, I continue down my own paths of discovery, even though I do try to validate my translations by presenting them to anyone who has questions. Thanx for asking! Be sure to let me know if I'm hogging bandwidth or anything like that!

    beady-eyed as ever

  2. Hi BD,
    Edith Sherwood came up with Comfrey for this one and I have to agree it is another good one for this page.

    Have you considered starting a blog? It will be much easier for us to follow your VMs adventures. You do a lot of writing, and it is interesting - it will be nice to sort it in one place. I started this one because it is easier to link to whatever I had to say in the past. Plus, honestly, I often forget names and dates - so the blog is easier to search for those :)

    I have Wordpress and Blogspot - free blogs - if you need help - we can try together to set you with your own spot where you can present your ideas - so it is easier for everybody to follow.
    All the best, Ellie

  3. Thank you for your kindness, and consideration!

    I've been wondering of what purpose is a blog, if not for the exchange of ideas? Yes, I am well acquainted with Edith Sherwood. Her blog was the first with which I conversed. She encouraged questions, and we had a lot of fun visiting El mina and other sites along the African Ivory and Gold coast. I was also able to identify a couple of "mystery" botanicals that she and her niece had been pondering. Eventually, the spammers pretty much shut her up.

    I do not have the peripherals for maintaining a blog, as I have reiterated at least four times to Di O'D. I don't have the photo equipment nor "software" required for back and forth pictorial presentations, etc.

    So, I'll just occasionally drop by to see how you're doing. My comments will be brief, just to let you know that someone is reading what you have to say. Cheers!


  4. Hi BD,

    You'll be surprised how easy it is. You can manage all the pictures with Paint - I am sure you have it on your computer.
    It is not as complicated as it may seem. And you love writing - it seems your thoughts flow easily. This is why I think you are perfect for blogging. I am pulling the words out of my brain with a lot of effort. You write pages and volumes of them with such ease.
    The free blog software is also very user-friendly.
    I am not saying this to push you away. As you pointed out yourself, your ideas are scattered in few blogs and many posts. I try to follow your references and I often do not succeed to find the post. A blog will pull this together in one place. I am sure you will be success.

    All the best! Ellie