Monday, April 29, 2013

The Voynich Manuscript: The Same... but What?

The 'Edelweiss' is not the only similarity between  the Voynich Manuscript and The Hague, MMW, 10D7. Look at this pair with fol. 65r of the VMs.  The author in the French Herbal wrote Strignos, which is the Strychnine tree. Others guessed in the marginalia - Solanium vulgare (the Nightshade) and Stramonium (Datura).
None of these names matches plants in the real life that look like the drawing.

In Ashmole 1432 here Strignos is somewhat similar, but in Ashmole 1462 here  the stars and the fruits were separated into two plants - Strignos (Nightshade) and Celidonia (Tetterwort)...

Anyway, it seems that on this one (as for the rest of them) we have to wait until the VMs author's intentions are somehow made known.

Until then, my favorite for VMs fol 65r is still the Marsh Cinquefoil (Comarum Palustre).

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