Thursday, April 25, 2013

The Voynich Manuscript: Schoner Brunnen

The Beautiful Fountain Schoner Brunnen was completed in Nuremberg in 1396 and is possible candidate for the famous 'Tower in the hole' from the nine-rosette page of the Voynich Manuscript. Here is how the plaza in Nuremberg looks today.

UPDATE: Eleonore Menzel from the City of Nuremberg administration kindly explained that the square structure on the Hauptmarkt plaza is not related to the fountain - it just modern artwork.
Norbert Heinlein from the Hochbauamt Department in Nuremberg explained that years ago there was a bigger fountain in the same plaza - 20th century copy of the17th century - Neptunbrunnen, which was sold to Russia and was never installed in Nuremberg.

Illustration from 1707 shows fountain-like structure in the middle of the plaza, but it could be something else.

15th century Nuremberg was a big city for its time and we get some idea how it looked like from the Nuremberg Chronicles.



  1. Ellie, you are able to find, as usual, great and very similar images.

  2. Hi Ruby, unfortunately the square structure is not related to the fountain - it is just modern artwork.