Thursday, April 25, 2013

The Voynivh Manuscript: Pinkroot

Ruby Novačna from proposed the Pinkroot (Arapabaca, Spigelia anthelmia) as plant ID for the drawing on fol 15v of the Voynich manuscript. This is the best idea I've seen so far so I am adding it as placeholder in my list.


  1. Hello Ellie,

    This will be my farewell comment. I truly do mean well by referring to past discussions that you and I had regarding folio 15v several months ago. At that time I gave you a letter-for-letter/word-for-word translation of the so-called "code". At that time I identified that plant as being a squash or cucurbit. The Vmscript identified it as being an "oskwash" and/or "cucom". Other notes which I didn't discuss with you, for lack of time or space, discusses whether it is a squash or melon.

    I'll be brief, now. I wish you well -- and I hope you won't end up in the same "blind alley" as Edith Sherwood, Nick, Rene, Rich, & Elmar have all ended down. Maybe, some day not too long in the future, you will see my publication for sale on Amazon or EBay.

    Have a g-r-reat Summer! I'm praying that you get your boys off to swimming lessons this summer, if you haven't already. (I was a lifeguard at Key West's only public pool. I taught an 80 year old grandmother how to float on her back -- to the intense joy of her children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren. I also taught some 20 or 30 boys competition springboard diving.

    Bye bye!


  2. Hi BD,

    This is good news - I have no idea about how the publishing business works. I wish you success!
    I hope I'll hear from you again. Please, keep me in the loop.

    All the best! Ellie