Wednesday, May 22, 2013

The Voynich Manuscript: Appendix

Many  observers note similarities between the drawings in the Voynich Manuscript and human anatomy. The intestines on fol. 77v are among most easily recognizable. The drawing on the top of the same page may represent the collar and shoulder bones and the top illustration in the left margin may be meant for bursting appendix.


  1. That is a very good comparison... I never thought of it like that. Rich SantaColoma

  2. Rich sez "never thought of it like that." Me neither! But see some other discussion about those same ladies in the "balnear-e-us-ae-um (Vms. folio 83 v) where the benefits of ingesting watered-down juice of the mandrake fruit appears above and below those strange objects (magnified so as to draw one's attention to the discussion).

    I'm only repeating this item, for the fourth or fifth time, here, because I've given up trying to convince other persons of my ability to read, research, and validate my findings -- no matter what sources to which I refer. It has been fascinating reading - and "connecting the dots" !

    So, Ellie, I'm hoping you can continue your discussion on this page (folio 77v) right on through the folios numbering into 80's. I think you will eventually end up on the same "doorsteps" of the temples of Artemis/Diana.

  3. Hi BD, I remember your post about fol83v. Edith Sherwood discovered some similarities between the VMs and old French manuscript on Ovid. I think Diana was involved. I repeated her image comparison here