Saturday, May 18, 2013

The Voynich Manuscript: Schloss Lichtenstein

The Lichtenstein Castle in Baden-Wurttemberg is situated on a cliff. The castle's wall plan today has  remarkable similarities with the city-walls surrounding the 'tower-in-the-hole' from the nine-rosette page of the Voynich Manuscript. I color-coded the corresponding structures from the VMs and today's castle walls. At the beginning of the 15th century the Lichtenstein Castle would have been badly damaged after wars with rival city-states, so the similarities with the VMs are probably just coincidence.


  1. Hey, Ellie!
    What did we ever do without the W W W and satellite mapping? You have been presenting some great comparisons. Do you remember who initiated the discussion on the "Nine Rosettes" page(s)? I still think that castle which appears in the upper right rosette is Vellitraen. Every other item on the 9-rosettes pages are up for debate.So, I am hoping you will continue your great comparisons of the other structures which appear on the Nine Rosettes page. I still think the upper left most structure is what Fr. Kircher identified as Campus Hannibalis.

    If you can, find some of the latest discussion I contributed to Nick's blog regarding an Italian TV presentation of the discovery of some 6000 manuscripts discovered behind a wall of what used to be the Roman College which was enlarged and renamed the "Gregorian University". While the curator/director was showing some of the contents of the various manuscripts, I almost fell off of my chair (because I practically had my nose planted on my video screen)!

  2. Hi BD, unfortunately this castle is 19th century creation. Interesting coincidence.
    What is the link to this video?
    Those manuscripts were discovered century ago, as I understand the news. From 100 there are about 50 left and hopefully they all will be digitized one day.