Sunday, June 30, 2013

The Voynich Manuscript: the Stomach

Voynich manuscript researcher Scott Curry came up with brilliant idea and shared it with the VMs list. The proposal is that the nymphs going down the 'waterfall' on fol. 75r are representing letters of the alphabet. I like the 'cheerleaders' idea, because it give us a whole new level to make up stuff based on our own theories/biases. For example, I believe the drawing on fol. 75r represents the anatomy of the stomach, so when reading the 'body language' of the nymphs I came up 'surprisingly' with 'word' supporting my theory: plcero - which resembles Italian pulsero - to pulsate - explaining the ripples the VMs author drew on the walls of esophagus and the stomach. The word also can be vlcero - ulcero - ulcerate - or any other word - or no word at all - depends on your own theory...


  1. A great idea. And three other nymphs?

  2. I have no clue. As with the rest of the VMs there are so many possibilities. I thought Scott had a great idea too, but I am not sure what the nymphs are spelling.

  3. The nymph that's lying can mean "x" ?