Friday, July 19, 2013

The Voynich Manuscript: Yellow Star-Thistle

Yellow star-thisle (Centaurea solstitialis) will be my placeholder for plant-id on fol. 42v of the Voynich manuscript.


  1. Hi Ellie! Just a short note to test my new computer and setup. Star thistle is anathema in this part of the world. It has zero value for any of its parts. If it pops up in your garden, wait until the rainy season. Then hunker down with a pair of pliers, and very slowly pull on the stem where it enters the mud. Do this until you are sure that you can see the very end of the main root. If you don't get every piece of the root, a new plant will appear in place of the old plant.
    This comment is probably much more response than you require. Mostly I'm just "test-driving" our new "All-in-One" computer and screen.

  2. Hi BD, I agree that the star thistle has no use. This is not my favorite id :) I'll keep it as placeholder for now. Maybe next time I try to take care of a plant I'll go with the star thistle - from your description it looks like it may actually survive my care :)
    Congrats on your new computer!
    All the best! Ellie