Saturday, October 5, 2013

The Voynich Manuscript: Charms

The last page of the Voynich manuscript (fol. 116v) contains text of what appears to be a prayer with words separated by crosses.

So I am starting this post with intent to pile up examples of medical charms and prayers written in a similar way as I stumble upon them in different manuscripts.

The Hunterian Psalter, 12th/13th century, Glasgow Univers. Libr., Sp Coll MS Hunter U.3.2 ( here ) has interesting marginalia on the last page. It is instruction in Latin and charm (incomprehensible) to help with epilepsy.

Harley MS 4346, The British Library ( here ) is 12th century compilation of medical texts including recipes and charms like this one. The manuscript is in Latin.

 VMs researcher Tomas Sauvaget ( visit here ) discovered one in Zurich, Zentral Bibliothek, MS C 101 ( here ) on fol. 91r. Wandering monk Gall Kemli copies various medical recipes, including charms in 15th century. The manuscript is in Latin and German.

Collection of medical charms by Wily L. Braekman - visit here

BNF Italien 939 visit here, Medicina de falconi et remedii de cavalli, 1460-1480

Let me know if you are aware of more examples so I can add it in the post.