Friday, January 24, 2014

The Voynich manuscript: St Albinus of Angers

If we follow the 'fishy' logic behind the VMs April Fool's Day (French April Fish Day) then the figure for March 1 in the Voynich manuscript calendar will be located in the inner circle, next (going clockwise) to the figure facing in the opposite direction compared to others in the circle. The 'nymph' matching the requirement in the VMs March rosette is somewhat unique, because the drawing contains the only barrel in the circle that is not painted green.

March 1 is St. Albinus of Angers (Aubin d'Angers) Day in the French Saints Calendar. I will speculate that the VMs author left the barrel unpainted (white?) in reference to the name of St Aubin (name derived from Latin 'albus' meaning 'white').
This, however, is just 'fishy' logic. The author may have left the barrel unpainted for any other reason. His intent is still unknown.

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