Wednesday, March 12, 2014

The Voynich Manuscript: Another Split Beard

The inner circle of the March rosette in the Voynich manuscript gives us second example of a guy with split beard.

Unlike the first one, where one can debate if we really see a split beard or not, this case is much clearer as the artist added few lines in the beard and the chest is properly set under the facial hair.

Although split bearded men can be found in different times in history, this style was fashionable in 15th century according to Alan Peterkin, author of 1000 Beards: A Cultural History of Facial Hair explains in his book:

In the 15th century, beards were once again routinely worn by nobelmen and elders to signify importance, dignity, and advanced age. They were curled with lead iron, parted at the chin, and plastered into submission.
Below are few 15th century examples.


  1. This may be way out (to sea) but I wonder if one of those men with split beard, who appears to be inside a container of some sort. So, maybe a navigator, inside the 'crows nest', taking a celestial reading?

  2. Hi BD, I like your idea about crow's nest. Very interesting idea.