Sunday, April 5, 2015

The Voynich Manuscript: Palm Sunday

While the West celebrates Easter today, the Eastern Orthodox Church commemorates the Palm Sunday, which happens to be my nameday :) Palm Sunday maybe the theme of the drawing on fol. 56r of the Voynich manuscript. Edith Sherwood and others suggested the plant is Sundew (Drosera). It also resembles a fan palm.

It could be that the Sundew leaves simply reminded the artist of a palm tree. Also in some Germanic languages (English included) the words Sundew and Sunday have a common ring to it (different meaning, of course)...Sonnentau/Sonntag... etc.
It is all speculation, but today I celebrate the Palm Sunday with the VMs Palm Sundew :)

.. and Palm Sundae


  1. Palm Sundae - ooooooh! Silly. Happy Easter (Orthodox?) Nazdrovnya!. Epharisto!

    Palm Sundae: Ice Cream with chocolate sauce? Or do you wave a Palm Leaf?
    Heh! bd