Wednesday, October 5, 2016

The Voynich manuscript: the Blue Cube

It is known as "the blue cube"in the Voynich manuscript. However, two of the sides of the object seem to be colored in now faded yellow.

This makes the object look like a book with blue cover and gold-leaf edges.

There seem to be couple of round details along one of the edges that makes the object look like a Cookie Monster lunch box :) It is not clear if those are intentional or just coincidental.

If we imagine for a moment "the blue cube" to be a book these dotted details could represent some kind of book clasps.

Zoom-in of the possible book clasp detail.

There are other interpretations of the cube drawing - most often it is perceived as a mineral.


  1. You do know that Dan Burisch and Dr Marcia McDowell claimed that this is the "Orion Cube" (because the label looks a bit like "oRion"). No, really.

  2. Hi Nick, I didn't know :( He beat me to it :)

  3. Burisch was (will be) sending messages from the future back to Roger Bacon to pass forward to himself in the present, so he has some kind of advantage over us.

    Although what that advantage actually is, I'm not really sure. =:-o

  4. Well, in war and Voynich manuscript studies all is fair :)

  5. Ellie,
    Interesting comment as always. One point: the 'word' inscribed near this object forms the first part of the 'word' by the object direct below it. That second object is also blue... I think any identification for the one must take the other into account.

    Actually your proposition here needn't necessarily contradict mine. The issue would become whether indigo pigment was not just sold as a block wrapped in fabric, but sold in a box ... say, like the book-shaped medicine box held by the Angel for S-W in the Sawley map.

    Just a thought.


    PS - naturally I can't agree that our work is a war, or that we have any obligation greater than that of treating fairly those whose work we use, and those who may read our own. Perhaps that will sound pretentious, but I'm in my seventh decade and have earned the right to some self-indulgences. :)